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Getting to Know You through Handwriting Analysis

Your handwriting:

• Reflects your thoughts and reveals your personality needs,

 strengths and talents

• Provides an understanding of your personal compatibility


• Reveals insight into what motivates and inspires you in your

 love life, your career life and personal life


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Since 1971...

Jeanmarie Dwyer-Wrigley, M.S., began her handwriting analysis career in 1971 when her mother, a registered nurse and graphologist, tricked her into attending an analysis workshop. Her mother specialized in the study of forgeries and the link between illness, disorders and handwriting.



They worked together as a team until her mother’s death in 1987.


Jeanmarie continues the family tradition providing insight and human understanding through handwriting analysis. She is also director of WomensWisdom, a support and enrichment center for women.

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