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Today I walk in devotion with the Divine Feminine. In my devotion I am the Feminine Divine.

Today I am in the energy of beauty. I create Beauty.

Today I am in the energy of Sacred Artistry. I create Sacred Artistry.

Today I am in the energy of Healing. I am healed as I let HER teach me how to heal. I am a Healer.

Today I am in the energy of Miracles. I help create miracles. I am a Miracle Maker.

Today I trust my Intuitive Wisdom.

Today I accept my Authentic Greatness.

Today I use my Personal Power.

Today I fully and totally forgive myself for all past mistakes and self sabotaging behavior.

Today I also forgive all other people, places and situations whatever harm, intentional or unintentional they have caused me.

In the presence of earth, air, fire and water, in the presence of the unseen, my spiritual guides and teachers and the Divine Feminine I come in a sacred and loving way to align myself with my higher self and to remember who I am and what I may become.


I have only 3 desires:

1) To know the deepest part of myself and follow that.

2) To know the deepest part of the Divine Feminine and follow HER.

3) To know my deepest life’s love work and do that.


So be it and blessed be.


~November, 2016 JMDW


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