A Group Support and Workshop Center

WomensWisdom...A  community of women devoted to inspiring

personal awareness, growth, authentic greatness, empowerment and

healing of the Feminine Spirit by offering support groups, workshops

and seminars since 1993.


At WomensWisdom we offer the following:


Sacred Feminine Within Workshop


a) Develop and trust your intuitive wisdom


b) Accept your Authentic Greatness


c)  Use your personal power


d) Create beauty,  sacred artistry, healing,  miracles and the Feminine Divine in your life.

Join Us!


Sacred Feminine Workshop

Mondays: 7pm-8:30pm


Wise Women Gathering 

Tuesdays: 7pm-8:30pm


Call to register: 847-258-7225


Sliding scale available

Wise Women Gathering Support Group


A "coping  with  life" support group focusing on nurturing self-esteem, validating strengths and sharing  our experiences in a safe and accepting atmosphere.



Supporting, Sharing, and Inspiring the vision and wisdom of the Feminine Spirit.


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